Thankfully there has been good weather the last few months because we've needed to open the doors in Sherwood a few times while experimenting in the kitchen.  New smells are permiating the shop, making baristas hungry while on shift and customers ask "What are you making?"  There's an oven and a grill in the back now, along with someone to work them.  We are excited to introduce to you our new Executive Chef:  Rochelle Weiss

Rochelle Weiss, Executive Chef 

Rochelle Weiss, Executive Chef 

Rochelle is new on staff, but she's been a part of the Symposium family from the very beginning of opening the Sherwood shop.  When we sat down to talk, she had stories from when the shop first opened involving one of the upstairs rooms and lots of ladybugs.  Rochelle has seen every new hire, been apart of the shop from the outside, and now she's stepping in to whip up a new menu.

"I love, love, love to go out to eat; doesn't matter if it's McDonald's and getting a Big Mac, or going out to Le Pigeon with friends," Rochelle says in the sincerest tone you have ever heard someone use while speaking of food.  "Has to be with friends," she insists.  Food for Rochelle is a way to share experiences.

"I love summer and spring and everything that brings into the food season; going out and picking berries, going hiking, simple flavors, barbecues," and of course spending time with friends during all those things.  

Combined with her life-long love of baking, beginning with her grandmother's ginger snaps as a kid and Rochelle's recent training at Le Courdon Blu, (plus the evidence of her delicious quiches already being served in the shops) we are confident in our newest team member's creative approach to freshening up our food menu.

Keep visiting us here and in the shop for updates on the new menu.  Right now we are looking forward to a fresh summer salad and unique sandwiches.  Are there any menu items you want to see us add?  Let us know in the comments!

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