ground coffee

Every evening around 5pm, Symposium baristas pull a bin out from under the counter, grasp a scoop in hand and sink it into a pile of coarse, used, coffee grounds.  We pile the grounds into the bags they arrived in as whole beans, and set the full bags outside the counter for free.

Customers take garden grounds as they please to add to their garden or compost piles.  The acidic composure of the grounds mixed with soil gives a boost to "acid-loving plants, like azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberries." (  Experts like those at advise to "not overdo it on those and other flowering plants...which makes plants grow big, but can inhibit the numbers of flowers and fruits."

Our Tigard customer Ralph has the recipe down pat though, and is sharing his beautiful flowers with us.  We are thankful to him for sharing the fruits of his gardens with us.

ralph's flowers