With the purchase of our shop and property in Sherwood a few months ago came the opportunity to make changes we have dreamed of for quite a while.  It's nearly impossible to occupy a space regularly and not come up with ways to make it even a little bit better.  After five years our ideas never seem to end, and our list is long, but we are enjoying small changes that make differences for our staff and customers alike.

The first changes we have made this month have taken place behind the scenes as well as right in the lot.  

As you can see, the cottonwood trees in the corner of our Sherwood lot are gone!  Today the stumps were ground up, ready to be completely removed.  This one (large) project lays the groundwork for more improvements to come.  Some of those plans include planting new native trees, instead of sustaining an invasive species.

We are excited to share this news with you, and looking forward to reporting more progress.  We plan on making improvements in the most ecologically sound way as possible.  Stay tuned to hear what's going on!

We'll see you in the shop soon.