We love Stumptown because of how much they value relationships. Stumptown is extremely intentional about creating relationships that are lasting. They strive to form partnerships with farmers as they work with and then go above and beyond to secure that relationship. You’ll see bags labeled with the Direct Trade sticker on the upper right hand corner on our bags. These stickers let you know that Stumptown has an active relationship with their farmers. To quote Stumptown, “...(It’s) our way of saying ‘this one is in it for the long run.” Stumptown doesn’t just buy coffee from a farmer season to season; they commit to the farmer for years whether or not the crop is fruitful because they value building a lasting relationship that will leave a lasting impact on those communities.

Much like Stumptown, Symposium is committed to the community surrounding us. We want to impact communities and allow our shops to be a space for stories to intersect. When you’re at Symposium, you’re part of a global story that reaches far beyond us, Portland, Oregon, or the United States. You’re impacting a community halfway around the world. The cup in your hand is as much part of your story as it is the humble farmer’s.

Learn more about Stumptown’s Direct Trade here: http://stumptowncoffee.com/education-overview/direct-trade/